DECK - Spy Decked this Undervalued Giant, Now It’s Ready to Bust

$DECK is an undervalued footwear, apparel, and accessories company for popular brands like UGG (yes the basic white girls), Hoka, and Koolaburra. It has been beaten down by the bear market and is currently undergoing a recovery. It also distributes its products internationally in over 140 retail stores and many distributers. Keep in mind the company is a global leader in what it does and the stock may have fell down in correlation with SPY.

Here is the chart (weekly) as you can see I’m expecting plenty of momentum the next two weeks:

Here is some recent news:

To make matters more bullish, there has been recent purchases by institutions. Substantial call sweeps today. Here is one example. If someone has access to UW, that would be great @Kevin wink wink

Lastly, my positions:

April 14 300c

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To make matters even more bullish:

It’s surprising for me that the company has a tiny, float but reasonable as the PPS categorizes it within large cap territory. I went through sec filing summaries to see recent institutional transactions and the net transaction of shares is still positive. Meaning the buys exceeded the sales the past 30-45 days, though not substantially. So we can confidently assume the institutions still hold at least 99.70% of shares with no incentive to sell at a loss while it’s undergoing a recovery. Especially when they bought before the bear market.


Thank you for this DD! Going to follow you in a call! :clinking_glasses:


There was another large call sweep an hour before market close totaling the day’s flow sum to $2.8M on calls which far outnumber the puts in the lower thousands.

We also have the recovery of the very market that decked $DECK.

If anyone could present a bear case that would be great. I want to limit the confirmation bias as much as possible.

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Friday constituted for the majority of large scale (and possibly institutional/whale) in-flow.

Seems recent call volume was also unusual:

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Thank you for posting this Jelly. I looked into this one a little bit today and it seems that $287-290 level was a pretty big support and is the current resistance. Today it was rejected but had some pretty large afterhours movement. If it does look to push over that soon i will be joining on those 330s as it would have room to run.

DECK is back at that $287 resistance.