DELL earnings

Playing off AI integration and several name drops in recent earnings calls for partnerships. I’m expecting a modest boost as they are well placed to capitalize on the hype.


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Adding this article which has a few name drops on recent project announcements and partnerships, including NVDA and MSFT:

Also, here are some recent price upgrades:

Morgan Stanley - Up to $55

Woodring - Up to $55

Had at least one more, I’ll have to dig them up though…

I know nothing <:pepesip:908804334265983047>

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Since <@151954037544189952> is lazy

Yeah considering it’s the same product stack, that might take DELL off my watchlist seeing how HPE is doing at least right now.

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for sure. definitely worth waiting to see how it shakes out, but in the morning it should be clear if this is going to be a play or not based on HPE.

That’ll be hard tho. Cause if HPE announce a partnership or something to cause it to change course that doesn’t translate to Dell. Just off numbers alone I don’t see a real need to be in Dell. Unless their is some sort of new partnerships or something they have in the works

I think these plays might be a mix of too early and too broad. Should probably be more focused on companies developing mainstream AI technology (actual models) and Chip manufacturers.

Fair. I think it was just the potential for more synergy from the last month of AI hype, but they are definitely ones to keep on the radar for later. They have the ground game to put AI into products of use once we get to that point. But that’s still probably years away…

They’re both definitely positioned well for the maintenance and ease of use of all this new tech for businesses that don’t have the people to maintain it themselves. HPE is better positioned for big computer build outs for sure, but again who knows how much money is in that future

I would just like to add to the other AI discussion that CRWD and DELL have a partnership as well:

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This is an EPS miss and a Rev beat.

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is there a rule somewhere that if you release early you get halted? I did not know that.

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AFAIK you aren’t required to but it’s standard practice.

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There is a materiality requirement for halting. Something like ER they aren’t required it just happens

Just on strictly eval basis, YoY eps down -28% YoY rev down -19.89%

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yeah I am sure the options writers would rather have it in AH, just not seen this happen before. Of course if you announce 4:03 how does it happen in the first place?

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Yeah those numbers aren’t awesome