Derfam's Trading journal

Heres my goals for the next 2 years.

Hopefully having strangers on the internet able to see my trades will make me less retarded.

04/05/22 - P/L $564 (37%)

Deposited $1600 into my account.

Rolled a 430c I was holding into a 440 @3.91 just to secure some profit from previous SPY run.

Bought two more to average down this morning expecting that rate hikes were priced in and a 50pt hike would be bullish for the market.

SPY May20 440c @ 1.4
SPY May20 440c @ 1.0

Ended up lowering my average down to 2.11

Sold two of these @ 2.5 & 3.1.

Also bought a BEEM June17 20c this morning @ 1.5 hoping it follows SPY upwards untill the pressure is back on the shorts. Currently sitting at around 2.2.

Both positions I’m holding are house money at this point. Probably going to average up on SPY calls if theres a dip tomorrow, if not I’m happy to let my position ride until next week.

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A rough day today, but ended up not too far down. Averaged down a lot on SPY calls. Bought about 6 on the way down bringing my average to around 1.1 and picked up a June. 445c @ 2.35 which surprisingly ended the day fairly green.

Definitely way over leveraged in SPY atm. Looking to cut atleast half of these tomorrow on a pop.

Picked up another BEEM call @ 2.1, this was probably a mistake as I don’t really want to put any more into this trade. It does look to be performing better in comparison to SPY and has some good news coming out though. With a June expiry it’s not too stressful of a position to hold.

Picked up a AMD call, I seem to remember when NVDA had great earnings last year during a red day and it didn’t really pop until the market recovered, it’s also been performing insanely well compared to SPY.

Watching BBIG over next couple weeks for May 18th div record date.

Somehow I’m still green 3dollars on the account, overleveraging on SPY yesterday really hurt me today where I was out of funds to reposition. I had a chance yesterday to de-leverage at 416 and didn’t take it because it looked like the start of a reversal.

Closed my May20 calls, still holding June17. Will be playing this expiry from now on instead of Mays.

BEEM basically moved sideways all day, hopefully it runs up when SPY sorts it’s shit out.

Picked up some BREZ June17 calls for redemption numbers next week.

Had a retardedly good day today. Nearly tripled my account. Covered cost basis on EBS, probably take some profit if it gaps up.

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Closed my EBS for 4.2 each, just over 500% :pepecelebrate:

Closed my ccj call for about 15%

Messed up trying to buy the dip on SIGA not seeing bearish news. Cost me about $150.

Bought some BBAI calls.

looking for an entry in BBIG calls At 2.5-2.7 and EBS puts if it takes another stab at 40.

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Had a great day considering I lost money.

Was down -$323 at open due to bbai but ended it only -$75

Picked up some EBS 35p at open for 4.10 each and closed for 4.6 each.

Bought some SIGA 9.55p for 1.58 each as it got rejected at 10 and sold at 1.85.

Started collecting BBIG calls for Friday (3c at .44 which are currently up around 20%

Bought into BKSY at 2 support, went to average down once it’d found support at 1.9 and accidentally hit market sell. This threw me off all day making me chase gains. Ended up green on it in the end but shoulda seen 100%+ gains. just goes to show how one little event can make you emotional trade the rest of the day.

Went to scalp some VVV on news of acquisition deal and shoulda sold on the pop but held way too long. Ended up averaging down a lot and getting assfucked, coulda been a lot worse than it was.

Picked up more BBIG calls at 2.8 support.

Picked up MAXR calls at 27.5 support, paid pretty well and still holding.

Still up a few thousand on the week so it’s just an reminder to stay disciplined.


set myself a new rule today of no more than 10% of PF in starter position and 15% max. Overleveraging really hurt me yday.

Closed my MAXR calls for +300$ (~50%)

Picked up a SPY put at resistance when it looked like it was beginning a downtrend. I was right but it popped up and hit my stop loss and closed for -15%

Picked up a second put a bit later and SPY began breaking down. Shoulda been faster and sold on the bear flag why SPY has been trending up all day. Ended up closing as it broke up for +15%.

Picked up some BZFD puts. 10% more than I’d like to have spent on them, not really interested on averaging down on them, maybe if I can get for .3 each.

Picked up a longer dated MAXR call on a dip. Think it could be a slow burner but I’ll see how it reacts to SPY on a red day to decide if I’ll just cut it.

All in all not a bad day, learning to scalp. Made some good scalps on calls and puts with SPY, ended up going into a COST put scalp and lost my profits for the day averaging down. Need to keep the risk with scalps consistent.

Closed my MAXR for +15% and moved into BKSY as I think it’s got more to run, MAXR just seemed like it’s lazily following SPY.

BZFD is just trading sideways still.

Picked up some ZYME calls based on Momstock’s DD. Looks like it’s sorta double bottomed at around $5, it’s having some trouble around the 7.50 area so that’s what I’m watching for.

Did some thinking over the weekend about what my goals are and what I’m doing wrong. Decided I’m over trading because I don’t have a modest daily/monthly goal to aim for. So now my aim is 20% a month, if I’m smashing it too easily then I might increase it in the future.

Month Beginning balance : 3675
Target : 4410
Current : 4006

Anyway first day and I’m already nearly halfway to my goal…

Liked the profit on ZYME so I closed for +15%. Looking for a longer dated call.

Bought SPY puts near open which was stupid because I had to go to work and couldn’t close it and caused an $80 loss.

Watched the $3 break on BKSY and had to sell to go do some work. Sold for around 70% gains. Probably should have averaged down at 2.5 but was waiting for 2.25 which never came.

Still holding BZFD puts, it’s looking like it’s dying and as a company in this environment it’s way overvalued.

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June '22

Monthly Target : 4410
Beginning : 3675
Current : 4118

Already halfway to monthly goal in a week so I can relax a bit.

Had a good week playing BKSY, ended up overleveraged at some point but managed to salvage it. Picked up a few more July calls off the 2.5 support.

Had some bad scalps on SPY yday but made up for it today, focusing more on learning right now. Playing double bottoms with the trend seems to be a fairy consistent strategy. Trying to scalp while I’m at work is my downfall though.

Week start : $4,118
Week ending : $4,690 (+$572) (+14%)
Monthly : + $1,015 (+27.5%)

Monthly Target : $4,410

Had a great week, learning daytrading. My biggest mistakes were paperhanding too soon on winners and being impatient with entries. Started journaling as I’m making trades too which has been really good for improvement. Finally got my position sizing right and stopped being as much of a degerate.

Are forums back up?

not yet

Month starting November : $2000
Goal : $2400
Current : $2408[color=#74B72E] (+20%)[/color]
Daily : [color=#74B72E]+$164[/color]

Coming back to this because I’m falling into the trap of trying to speedrun and overtrading a shit ton. Will try and analyse a good trade and bad trade a day from now on possibly. I think I have the ability now, just need to keep reinforcing risk management and managing emotions/patience.

[color=#74B72E][center][size=12]The Good[/size][/center][/color]


Saw BBY trading in a bearflag pattern as SPY continued to dump, has authorised a large buyback with has meant multuday runners for others such as WMT and LMT. Picked up calls close to the bottom of the flag as possible, closed around previous resistance at 83.5.


UPST has been extremely weak on the daily chart, I saw yesterday it hit it’s head on 19 resistance early on and came down a lot, was expecting similar movement today so picked up puts as it looked like it was breaking down out of the bullflag. Closed the position when it stopped dropping with SPY.

[color=#900D09][size=12][center]The Bad[/center][/size][/color]


Entered TGT puts after it dumped in the open assuming it was going to go down more, should have paid attention to the daily chart as it looks bullish. Large movements at open don’t seem to correlate much to the movement for the rest of the day unless theres a significant catalyst.


WDAY - Good earnings and buyback

CRWD - Large earnings dump.


Month starting November : $2000
Goal : $2400
Current : $2991[color=#74B72E] (+49%)[/color]
Daily : [color=#74B72E]+$578 (+23%)[/color]

[color=#74B72E][center][size=12]The Good[/size][/center][/color]


Had My largest %win ever today at +2250% but it was a $6 position. Made 500% on my main position. I had a put gamble which I exited for -25% which was a waste of BP, no point gambling on movement.

Entered based purely on how dovish powell’s commentary was (50bps hike coming, inflation is coming down) would have averaged down on the big red candle 10 minutes later but was out of BP. Managed to exit my puts there for only a small-ish loss thanks to the IV bump. If I hadn’t have bought FDs by accident I probably would have held for longer.


NFLX was fighting the downward movement of the market all morning, entered as it broke up and out of the bullflag. Closed it as SPY seemed to be finding resistance at 395.


CRWD posted mediocre earnings and seemed to have a algo overreaction being down 16%. Entered at the PM support, including the 5am candle which seems to show where the buying pressure is in these very violatile earnings plays. Closed at PM resistance (Thanks JB).

[color=#900D09][size=12][center]The Bad[/center][/size][/color]


Entered as I thought it was fighting the market and the news of China easing lockdown restrictions would be bullish for them, thought I was right on the initial big green candle then it dumped a bit and stopped me out. If im entering in a range I need to be entering as close to the bottom as possible or a breakout.

First month completed and decently above target.

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Month starting December : $2991
Goal Low: $2880
Goal High : $3600
Current : $2757[color=#900d09] (-7.57%)[/color]
Daily : [color=#900d09]-$233[/color]


Overtraded a little today, knew it was gonna be a bit unpredictable today so should have just taken my Ws at open and left it. Played some 1DTEs on trades I wasnt getting great entries in which meant I had to close out ones which would have been winners. Should go for next weeks expiry if it’s not a great setup atleast.

[color=#74B72E][center][size=12]The Good[/size][/center][/color]


Saw NFLX was strong out the open again today, looking like it might continue it’s bullrun. Took calls when SPY hit support at 405. Played out well except I should have exited at the double top.

[color=#900D09][size=12][center]The Bad[/center][/size][/color]


TGT has been dipping at open and then strong the rest of the day for past few days, I thought we were seeing that again however I entered 1DTE calls on a bad entry and got shaken out, had I been in weeklies I could have added on the double bottom.

[color=#e69boo][size=8]&The Watchlist[/size][/color]

NFLX - looking for bullrun to continue or a breakdown again, not sure about swinging puts right now but I think it’s overbought. We saw a triple top as SPY went higher today which has signaled a top on UPST before it really dumped.

ULTA - smashed earnings again and at ATHs in a bear market, it had a really good run over several days after last earnings and that could continue again.

TGT - looking to play another bounce

ZM - Looking for another run at open to take some puts into next week, probably some shorts getting squeezed out with the JPOW speech.

MANU - Looking to enter Jan calls if we get another dip down to 21.5 area, chart is looking really good IMO. Setting higher lows and higher highs. So I think this run continues.