Development Updates Thread

I’ve made like 20 thread like this before and keep opting to break them out hoping it’ll act like a mock documentation but that never works so I’m making this one to throw changes and shit into and we’ll work on a real tutorial / documentation on the usage of the community in a bit.

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Thread linking has been updated for positions. You can now link a thread to a position one of two ways:

  1. You can select the thread option when creating the callout using the slash command. It now features a select box just like the Send to Thread command where you can select threads fairly easily. It’s key to remember that in order for a thread to show up in this list You must be following it. This means you have to of interacted with the post in some way or specifically clicked “follow” on the thread.

  2. Callouts made from within threads are automatically linked to the thread they’re made from. Nothing additional is needed, just browse to the thread related to the position and use the callout command.

If you’re in a thread and specifically select another thread in the command, the command you selected outweighs the thread you’re making the callout from.

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Re-integrated twitter functionality so that images and links are supported again, they’re also reintegrated with charts for mentioned tickers and sentiment analysis.image

  1. Earnings Catalysts are rolled out for selection when making <#1110679895685742743>
  2. Positions now indicate if they are a scalp <:scalp:1117891052729274389> or swing <:swing:1117891048698564723> based upon whether or not a thread is linked. This functionality will get a bit more intelligent soon and will have the added category of “long term” <:longterm:1117891051450028113> .
  3. Economic Calendar Event embed got a little facelift to bring it more in line with overall embed changes to make things a little more uniform across the various notifications we have.
  4. Catalyst threads now have a close function where a comment can be left listing a reason why the thread is closed, this both “closes” and “locks” the thread so it cannot be posted in any longer and it also adds a :lock: emoji to the title of the thread so it’s easier to visually determine it’s a locked thread in the listing.
  5. <#1110679895685742743> has been moved to it’s own category in the channel listing, same for the other forum channels <#1106630736880078939>, <#1112910886244450314>, <#1111695019724767314> and <#1111694845665353728>.

Reached out to two companies today for demos and discussion about their products related to improving Mimir’s newsfeeds and capabilities:

  1. Real Time Machine Readable News | Refinitiv
  2. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Small update on this. I’ve had a couple calls and several emails with both vendors.

Bloomberg is hilariously unorganized from the looks of it and isn’t even sure the product that they advertised even exists and if it does they don’t know what department is responsible for it. We haven’t gotten to pricing as of yet and thus far I am getting that the nature of the community may be an issue (how many people can see the data).

Refinitiv has been far more organized but we’ve had some communication lags. They seem far more open to the setup and I’m currently getting more information on the services.


Daddy Elon discontinued the Twitter API we were using after he discontinued the other Twitter API we were using. Walter is dead for the time being while I find a third API to use.


Launched several new scanners today. These will be automatically posted to TF throughout the day but they’re also accessible via slash command /scanners scan_name

  1. News - Stocks signaled to be moving on news
  2. Unusual Volume - Stocks with with high volume compared to normal
  3. Upgrades & Downgrades - Stocks with Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades that day (shown)
  4. Gainers & Losers - Stocks ordered by highest daily gain and loss

These scanners use a new hybrid view based on the dashboard. The rest of the functionality will be in soon.


Twitter feed should be restored. Third times the charm :crossed_fingers:


Fixed Catalyst pop-up submissions failing
Fixed the date selection for catalysts always being set to “Today” despite other selections


Third time wasn’t the charm. We were Elon’d.

No worries though, 4th fix already in the works lol.



First day back in the office in about a week.


Whoops hit enter.

Anyway, context charts no longer trigger for tickers that don’t exist.
Secured a news API today, going to be implementing that over the weekend. Sources are similar to what we currently have but with a little more information included and a little less spam, perfect for wiring into Mimir.