DISNEY - PUTS or Calls - CEO Extended

From @greydoge


Disney did really badly under this CEO. probably not all his fault but, Disney IP is king though.

I think Disney’s problem is more trying to recover foot traffic at their theme parks, and also ticket sales for movies. Their streaming is doing very well though and they have lots of new content lined up.

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This might help foot traffic a bit - but I am not sure how big the overseas market is

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Kenobi was trash. Puts on the mouse.


I liked Kenobi…

Looking forward to Andor in August.


I liked it - but I thought it was too short

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pretty damning article… portrays Chapek as ‘bean-counter’

“Between Chapek’s cheap ways, a famous spat with Scarlett Johansson, and his recent bumbles with current events, the CEO’s gritty, money-focused style seems to contradict the core values of the Disney Company.”

The question is - is he a bean counter or a Steve Jobs style?

This was the news few days ago, heiress trying to oust Chapek https://twitter.com/ReflectingMan/status/1540882691771535360?s=20&t=diycomGQ9wbpr-6RWymU2g

Blockbuster Disney movies coming out in 2022:

Thor: Love and Thunder - July 8th
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - November 11th

No Lucasfilm, no Pixar…

We should be looking at this from a TA pov.

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Here’s my brief TA on Disney: I would say this is the bottom. Could be a chance to drop to $80ish. We won’t know until we get closer to earnings. Just a waiting game until then.

No idea where best to type this, but–along with the current market conditions–I see some more weakness on DIS.
I’ll try a single 95p for Sept23.

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Chapek out. Iger back in. :upside_down_face:

Might give $DIS a shot in the arm tomorrow, it it seems this was a total surprise move.


Good day boys and gals.

I would recommand to check out this content creator on youtube who does commentary on everything hollywood related. She gives in this video her insight of what might come in the future months and years regarding Disney as a company and the challenges it will face getting back value for the stock.

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