Dividend Tickers - Best Portfolio for Long Term/DRIP/Passive Income

This thread is to focus on building a dividend-focused portfolio for a long term accumulation with reinvesting/drip.

For those who want to discuss a different way of working towards retirement - through means of set it and forget it investing and passive income.


To start, ill name some tickers of which i am considering to start my dividend portfolio.

SCHD - Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF
O - Realty Income
PSEC - Prospect Capital
LTC - LTC Properties
PBA - Pembina
AGNC - AGNC Investment
DX - Dynex Capital
GLAD - Gladstone Capital
HRZN - Horizon Technology Finance
SCM - Stellus Capital Investment
PFLT - PennantPark Floating Rate
SLG - SL Green Realty
STAG - STAG Industrial
MAIN - Main Street Capital
DSL - DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund
ADC - Agree Realty
EPR - EPR Properties
BLK - BlackRock

A reasonable portion of these tickers are currently at a 5 year low.

The plan: Set aside X amount per week/month to auto invest into a set of tickers and then setup a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

The goal: Continue the plan for 10-20+ years to help secure a passive financial income.

For those interested, id like some feedback on posted tickers and your own personal portfolio choices.

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I also like SCHD as a top pick. If you read the info on it, they are somewhat picky on the stocks they pick to be part of the etf. It’s not just a simple index or anything.

O is good, NNN is very similar. I like triple net leases for long term.

CPT & MAA are high-end apartment REITs worth looking at.

AT&T, Verizon, CCI, AMT and other telco related are usually long-term stable and solid dividends.


I’ve also been adding T. Solid dividend.


I think a good question to ask is what is your (universal you) strategy? I’ve seen some people focus only on the dividend return and not worry so much about the underlying stock. Others will use dividend reinvesting to build up positions in solid companies and let that compounding create a solid nest egg. Not saying you can’t do both, but it helps to know what’s important to your strategy. You can mix and match with some REIT’s that are required to return profits back to investors and that creates a nice cash flow into the account.

Glad you started this!

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IEP has a decent dividend

I personally have an interest in a diverisfied portfolio that has a bit of both - nest egg that doesnt focus so much on company growth but on the dividend portion and also on well performing dividend tickers such as JNJ, COKE, ect.

I’m liking these suggestions on tickers - but for those posting about one or two tickers they enjoy - can you give a little detail regarding why you like the ticker? Is it mainly due to high dividend or is it maybe more focused on low dividend high performing stock?

I want everyone who visits this thread to be able to walk away with a solid portfolio build / place to start

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Just some infographics Ive collected over time on the subject.

And a google doc from another investment group I follow.

Hope these help someone.


@Cudlestrugle Great addition! I think your post will interest a lot of people and help them make good dividend decision!

Thank you!

I’m curious if anyone else would be willing to share their full spread of dividend choices?

Also cudle, did you use any/many of those tickets for your dividend portfolio?

Question to all dividend peeps - what app/website do you prefer to track your dividends?

Ive installed DivTracker from android app store and believe i will use this as my main tracker - but am struggling to create a CSV file from my fidleity brokerage account.

Has anyone had experience trying to do this from fidelities phone app?

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