Dividend Yield Discussion

Here is my list of Monthly dividend earners:


So I wanted to bring this conversation back into the light a bit, given we may be seeing a downturn in the market soon, many stock prices will be selling at a discount.

With that said, it will be prime time to scoop up some of the better paying dividend stocks. Above is one of the lists I keep, but I am also adding that we should be mindful of the companies that are real-estate heavy, especially REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), and those in financial sectors like BDCs (Business Development Companies) that dish out substantive loans to private businesses.

Although many of these could possibly be at ATL, you also need to keep in mind this will negatively impact dividend yield. You also run the risk of the company no longer existing if things go badly enough.

If there are any tickers you’re looking at, feel free to add them to the discussion! A few others not on my list above that I’m looking into are:

Oil/Energy Based: