Dolphin’s Trading Journal

I am new to active trading (well to trading at all). I’ve spent long time studying but nothing quite clicked until I got the luck of stumbling into Valhalla and being allowed to stay, and now I know a little

For most part, I’ve adopted the spirit of @thots_and_prayers 2% short bus, but have been working with scalping shares. I’m up close to ~8k for the year, almost all over parts of March & April. Today was big for me to get a little over 2% on #aapl but I had to hold overnight which I usually hate but I was very calm with it. Could have been more but green is green.

My losses are mostly fear based, partly nature and partly need to hone TA. I set stop loss too high and end up losing little instead of gaining something. I skip things sometimes (FML #snow) and not always easy to let go of woulda coulda shoulda. Overall I am very risk averse so I have to find the balance to maintain that discipline but getting out there to make the money!

Schwab finally undid whatever was wrong for my options and they’re enabled again. Now I will make plan for division of portfolio so I can truly board the short bus, but I may not start the $5k as still nervous to pick entries. 9:30 Eastern often provides good ones but it’s terrible time for me during school. I will also start to look for some slightly longer plays.

So for tonight I have no real positions. Will be reviewing SPY contracts strategies tonight and may try tomorrow.


Well my options are not fixed and since market was so crazy and making me feel frenzy to DO something I decided not to trade. $ spent getting hair done probably less than impulsive losses would have been. I count a win, yes fear holds me back but sometimes for good reason. I’m was a good day for me not to trade.

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I’m essentially sitting out while I switch brokers. I’m sort of legacy with Schwab and they’ve been very nice with customer service. But their continual back and forth on options approval is problem enough, and I’ve had three big problems with trading platforms (2 mobile, 1 SSE). So I’m transferring the cash out in a few transactions in case I really want to trade something.

It’s frustrating but the wild ride is good time for me to watch and learn.

Life has been chaotic to say the least. I’ve been frustrated sitting out and had a little time today. I wanted to make a little money. Here is how that went:

It actually wasn’t such a bad looking decision and did not cost me much, still frustrating. Am keeping up on forums- happy for all who are doing well now! Hopefully I am back in it soon.

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Life has been chaos. No trading. Finally a little calm. I saw the NASA contact for SIDU. Should I post it? Agonize forever, decide no, I have no business posting it. Then I see @dooknukem has called it out.

I feel very confident but I hate staying in anything for long. Obviously I made huge mistake and did not buy in at $3whatever. So this morning I want to stick a fork in my eye, because that would have been so much money. SO MUCH (congratulations Dook). Real progress to buy home again and/or maybe buy car for ungrateful 21 child. I managed to pinch $800. Ok good Dolphin, walk away.

But then I walked back. Can’t I make just a little more? No. I’m distracted and I lost $1800. Not super big but I hate losing money. I have never lost that much! Despair!

I have to examine my strategies, review some of my skills, and climb back out of my fear pit. I miss out over and over because I am so conservative and my losses are always dumb mistakes. Very frustrated with myself.

But we got Crumbl anyway because little one leveled up in swimming


I intended to take a complete break today but decided to exercise my patience muscle . Had a little bit money in WeBull and bought a few shares of AAPL which I am going to hold and not freak about. It’s been ok. Brain still in head. Still don’t want to hold most long term but I have burned myself too many times not letting trades breathe.

I was watching REV and when I saw that @PaperhandsJB called it out I knew I didn’t want to make the mistake I made with SIDU and be wanting to stick fork in eye. Still smarting from my idiocy I went with just under 40% of my bp in one account and got in @ 7.77 and out at 8.30 after the halt for about $1100. Yay Dolphin! Considered NFLX and a few other things but decided to be done

The woulda coulda shoulda:
If I’d held just a little longer more than double+ the money

If I’d used more bp, more green

I could have made money on NFLX and others.

BUT I AM GREEN. I kind of want to stick a spoon in my eye, but I choose happiness and sushi instead.

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Dolphin picks the wrong one: The life rollercoaster continues and I am finding it very difficult to trade. Today was the first day I had a chance at all, and two things interested me (well lots of things appealed, but two I considered). Of course, I chose the wrong one. At about 10:45 I spotted FFIE and watched it going up up up up. But I was afraid of buying at the top, am generally hesitant about little stocks, market seemed drunk so meh on TA. So I just watch. Would have earned about $5200.

Instead I buy a little DDOG. I made💰$5.50💰 Almost enough for a coffee. At least I held through some red which I always hate. I haven’t looked yet to see it will probably be the case I could have made more. But at least I didn’t lose. Happy for everyone who made good in the chop today (not jealous at all).

I feel such pressure to make money but maybe I just can’t trade until little one goes back to school. He is not the rollercoaster but even when it’s peaceful is just very hard to work around him.