Dose's TA & DD (BTC Bitcoin, LRC Loopring, JASMY, ADA Cardano) (9NOV21)

[center]Dose’s TA & DD (BTC, LRC, JASMY ADA) (9NOV21)[/center]

Had to update some charts after the recent movements. BIG BULLS REPORT :cow: I only have time to do a few tonight, will catch others like LTC, XLM, ETH, LINK later.

If you’ve been hanging out in Crypto (RIP #SPYGANG) then you’ve caught some of the excitement on Loopring.

Shoutout to my homies there.

-:socks: DoseMe42

₿ BTC (Bitcoin) (1d, various) - :crown:



Man is it a good time to be a BTC hodler. Yesterday’s new ATH candle managed to close above support at $66,779, which was the resistance we fought back on OCT19/20. We’re now sitting on top of that and channel/trend bound. Everyone should own some bitcoin, if you don’t have some, get $10 worth ASAP.

Levels Up - $68,568.85 >> :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Levels Down - $66,779 > $63,774 > $59,592

LRC (Loopring) (1d, 2h, :curly_loop:





Absolute parabolic rise from the low $1’s. LRC is on fire right now. Fibs reveal a rather basic support/resist at the typical psychological numbers. This is my 2nd largest holding. I’m waiting for $5 to sell at the rate it is going right now.

The 2h has re-drawn fibs after an ATH @ $3.05. Also, keep in mind the psych barriers at the whole and half dollars.

Best scenario this thing goes apeshit :gorilla: and reclaims that upper channel.

Levels Up - $3.05 >$3.58 > $4.26

Levels Down - $2.63 > $2.30> $2.07

Reddit DD on LRC/GME

JASMY - (2h) :japanese_ogre:



Great coin with good fundamentals. My cost average is just below where we’ve been consolidating. I expect this to explode well beyond .35 Has held levels since initial pump.

JASMY article
-provided by Ranger Oz

Levels Up - **$.246 ** **>$.32 > $.35 **

Levels Down - *$.209 > $.19 > $.11

₳ ADA (Cardano) - (2h) :japanese_ogre:



The sleeper awakes out of a definitive downtrend. We got gummed up on that sticky resist at $2.31 and aer now rangebound between that and $2.12. Waiting for a big move near ATH to sell.

Levels Up - $2.31>$2.47 > $2.96 > 3.09

Levels Down - $2.12 > $1.91 > $1.84

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