Dose's TA & DD - (₿) BTC, (Ξ) ETH, AMP, LRC, SHIB (5NOV21)

Dose’s TA & DD - ₿TC, ΞTH, AMP, LRC, SHIB (5NOV21)

Tonight I’m going to chart the big boys. I also got one request from nitrojon. This is just my technicals and my thoughts. I believe that support/resistance is king in crypto charting. You can talk about Triple Golden Crosses and Double Haiken Butthole Star Dojis all you want but I like to focus on what matters and what I can see in the charts. Crypto cares about support and resistance just as much if not more then stocks do, imo.

₿itcoin (1w, 1d, various) - :crown:

Since there are so many newcomers to this space, I believe its important to show the big picture here. This is the BTC 1w chart backed out to show the last 5 years. You can see the channels I have drawn for the the last great bull run and this one we’re currently in. There are support/resist lines that held true for years. Gorgeous chart here.

Here is the 1d showing the run that started in late 2020 and the one we just started in July.

You can see the top of the first run there is a range we held for 5 days that included a tap to ATH ($64,899).


Let’s shoot over and look at the chart from 1OCT21 until now…


$66,999.00. Nice.

We are in the same range but with a press to a new ATH.

Here’s the whole channel. We’re testing the bottom of this trend today so we’ll see if my lines hold true. I always get excited at times like this because it puts the technicals to the test. I will straight ₿ust a :peanuts: :chestnut: if ₿itcoin bounces above $63,000 tomorrow. Shit’s making my :peacock: hard.

Ξthereum (1w, 1d, 2h ) :fuelpump:

The Ξthereum chart is fucking insane. It is the chart that made me fall in love with charting crypto. Here’s the big picture on the 1w chart. We will zoom in and make things clearer.

One trend/channel here. You know why? Because Ξth doesn’t need two…it reclaims what belongs to it, like a fucking G.

I am forever bullish on Ξth. Vitalik is a genius.

The 1d chart shows us the path of destiny. As you can see, from my shitty highlighting job, ETH has lost this channel two times it began back in 2020. Yes. ETH was fucking $300 a piece in 2020. Once this :rocket: was lit it didn’t stop.

ETH has reclaimed this channel twice as well. Looking at this chart shows you the pure strength that ETH has. Its a juggernaut that wont be stopped. Every dollar you put into ETH is guaranteed gains in the years to come.

I’m beating a dead :horse: here but ETH is the TSLA of crypto. The 2h chart shows that.

AMP - 1d (request) :amphora:

I know nothing about the fundamentals of AMP. Was just smacked into a downtrend after initial pump on Coinbase debut. Downtrend has definitively ended. This could see ATH which is double it’s current price in the chart (.06064)

Levels to be watched are:

Res: .06366 > .07286 > .0880
Supp: .05200 > .04475 > .04082

LRC :curly_loop:

Bounced of support as predicted in last post. Now rangebound between 1.09 and 1.31. Break of 1.5890 for clear skies to test ATH. Also possible GME NFT partnership announcement etc.

SHIB - (1d, 2h) :dog:

Starting to become one of my favorite charts. SHIB holds the channel like a graceful beauty. Taking two near hits on the bottom . We are rang bound for now but hoping we test the top of the channel soon.

2h chart shows the volume on the bullish engulfs and the close call on that bottom channel leg. If we break 656 and 750 we’re clear for the fuckin’ moon. :new_moon:

Res: 625 > 656 > 750 > :rocket:
Supp: 581 > 415 > 320 > :skull_and_crossbones:

Sorry this is so long…hope it helps anyone. Feel free to ping me in #crypto or reply here if you have any requests for the next post.

-:socks: DoseMe42


Thanks for the chart readings @_DoseMe42
I just wish the colors were easier to read.
It’s weird, because I do love the colors this way too, it’s…kinky. lolz

I’ll change it to another scheme next time to make it easier to read. Thanks for checking it out though!

100% with you on ETH and Vitalik. Layers 1’s can’t moon unless they bridge to ETH so to me that makes them glorified side chains. It’s the epicenter of layer 1 can’t see that changing.

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All I can say is that my nut has been busted. We hold the channel and pop above 63K on the 6th as predicted. This is followed by a massive candle up over 65k the following day. BULLISH AF.

Yeaahhh buddy this 7NOV weekly close was huge! Bounced out of a crucial channel then shot through a fairly major resistance zone I thought we’d chop around in (between roughly 63.5k and 64.2k. This probably still will happen, as this should be new support). It’s currently 1.25AM EST and it’s still just firing upwards, in the 66k zone. This is absolutely huge as the 11 year resistance that literally every bull run has bounced down of (right into the major dump to bear) is hovering around 66.8k. This has me holding my breath…
A 4hr candle above this would put us into new territory, it would almost make a lot of TA irreverent as it’s never happened before. A daily close above 67k and I’ll add be adding more to my position, that almost guarantees 73k+…
On one hand, meme coins just pumped and we’re hitting this key historical resistance after a very green Sunday, past TA would tell us the bots/algos start dumping in a few hours before stock market open and the bear market begins, but on the other it doesn’t feel like it’s even close to over, there’s been no retail FOMO yet, so I’m leaning bullish into unknown territory and parabolic ATHs, especially if this price holds through market open. When it does drop (if we’re not going into bear, which we’re not)TA tells us 63k-64k should be new support, but that hasn’t even been tested yet. It’s a very exciting time for BTC (and ETH, jeez, that has me feeling like it could end up almost anywhere from 7k-10k)!

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