Earning Reports for Next week's company from 11/15-11/19

These are all earnings that are next week. If you guys would like to do some DD on them and if you find any play interesting please post it onto the discussion board!.
Thanks and have a nice day/weekend!


Manchester United is a publicly traded company?

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I’m bullish on HD but I won’t be playing it this earnings season because it’s to expensive for my account. People who can’t move out of their homes in an expensive market are instead investing in the home they already have. As long as home prices go up this will be the case. Supply chain issues for builders has pushed them to HD more so in the past. Their PRO sales to contractors is as big as, if not bigger than their consumer segment. Their investments in software have paid off huge and will continue to do so. Great company.

For some reason Walmart typically drops around earnings, I guess people always have too high of expectations or walmart just doesn’t do a good job of selling it. However there are some recent improvements that I think are going to impress investors and should continue to be bullish on the company.

First, they have been overhauling stores going from the “instore pickup” to simply “drive up” store pickup. You just park in a space and text them letting them know you are there. They come out and load up your items, you literally don’t even have to get out of your seat. The stores around me the associates are like busy bees going around filling orders, honestly sometimes I think there are more employees running around than shoppers. People really seem to be utilizing this feature since it’s free and extremely convenient.

Don’t want to drive to the store to pick your stuff up? No problem, you can schedule Home Delivery! Yep, walmart branded vehicles making local deliveries right to your door, including perishable goods.

Walmart has been expanding their super centers this year to add additional warehouse space. As we’ve seen with all the supply chain issues having a JIT inventory system simply doesn’t work for high-demand items so they are trying to hold more inventory at stores to have more of a buffer, especially so for the holiday shopping season. Also this eases load and capacity on the distribution centers. The additional “behind the scenes” space also houses all the queued store pickup / delivery items.

Walmart is no stranger to supply chain issues, if one supplier can’t deliver they will find alternate suppliers in a heartbeat to keep their shelves stocked as best they can.

Finally, walmart is starting to dabble in the drone delivery service and automated driving. They have a self-driving (and I believe it’s even un-manned) box truck drive between a warehouse and a store as a pilot program. This will only help to expedite goods between the distribution centers and the stores or other locations.

TL;DR - Bullish on Walmart for long-term.

Nvidia is another huge company with earnings this week. This is a real question mark as their stock has already been running from news on the metaverse and other things. Since the jump on 11/4 (I think that coincided with metaverse) it continued to go up slowly, then starting Tuesday 11/9 it has been on a slow decline, but it is hard to determine if that is just due to the price runup or the decline of the stock market in general that week.

Regardless, I think Nvidia is going to continue to go up. Video card demand is at an all time high, maybe once ETH finally completes the move to proof of stake the demand from miners will decline enough that regular consumers can once again buy the top-of-the-line video cards without having to pay scalp prices or wait months.

With the “metaverse” and all these other VR universes starting to pop up, there is going to be a whole new market of demand, which thankfully the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we will hopefully see a decline in demand from crypto miners.

AI continues to be a rapidly expanding industry, and as such the commercial / datacenter units Nvidia makes (i.e. Grace CPU) will also continue to sell like hotcakes. Likewise the automotive industry is likely going to be knocking at Nvidia’s door for the next generation of smart vehicles and autonomous driving.

The acquisition of ARM will only strengthen the company and expand their offering on lower power and higher performance products.

TL;DR - Nvidia will likely go up on earnings, and keep going up and up and up.


I noticed that too. Apparently it’s true Manchester United plc (MANU) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

I traded their earnings last quarter. It’s not generally a big mover.

Oh look. I was right on HD…

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