Earnings brainstorm thread - 12/20-1/24

This is the earnings calendar for the next few weeks. Feel free to point out any good plays you see and let’s get to work on spinning up some DD.


Couple of tickers jump out to me on this one but will continue adding if I see others:

-TSM: Semiconductor issues have continued. TSM Q3 guidance suggested that there was weakening demand in the smartphone sector, would like to have another look back through their last ER to check how geopolitics plus COVID may have affected their bottom line

-DAL: Standard COVID/COVID recovery play. Omicron could factor in here. Likely priced in by Jan though.

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TLRY is a memestock. probably be able to ride reddit driven IV and dump before earnings


KMX had a large selloff following their last earnings earnings. Has anything changed?


Conagra Brands is sort of local to me and I might have an indirect professional connection to them through a past or current job. They haven’t been doing great overall lately but I feel like they should be doing worse (on paper at least). I am going to poke around before earnings


A couple that jumped out to me:

  • Bbb ← meme
  • Wd-40 ← this catches my eye for some reason, high short ratio, high short float, very high inst ownership, goood amount of insider sales
  • Tilray ← meme, been selling covered calls on this all year to fund my lotto plays
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. ← insider buying caught my eye and I love chocolate
  • blackrock ← cause why not
  • Volta ← ev charging play?!
  • lots of banks have earning on this list

Noting this down so I remember and others can chime in - would be interesting to try to factor in PEAD when planning to hold through ER or playing anything post earnings to determine whether to play monthlies or weeklies. May want to look at sector wide PEAD or even for that particular ticker.

seems like a perfect test-run for the new Valhalla strategy. agreed that we can ride the IV wave and cut most/all position prior to ER. then we would need to see how algos react to ER. lastly, listen/view their conference call to forecast post-ER.

since this stock is meme-ish, i would welcome some starting a new DD thread on it as we don’t have much time. outlining strategy could make this trade very profitable IMO


This is the strategy that we have preached from the beginning. I’m currently going through the list (and looking past the JAN 14 date) to find any significant gainers from the COVID era that still haven’t gapped down or consolidated itself.

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Anyone else interested in BBBY?

Im still new to options. How do you time the entry? It seems if you go in too soon theta decay eats your money while you wait for the open interest to increase to profit.

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honestly, this resource has been such a godsend for me (thanks, Conq!) in terms of planning entries:

there are more qualified options traders to answer this so take it with a grain of salt and please do your own due diligence.

TLRY has been in a downward trend for the last six months (i use daily candles, but you can use weeklies, etc.) so it depends on how you see this playing out. if you think there’s going to be a price increase leading up to ER then buying soon will probably be the best price points if you believe any price increase will negate theta depending on what theta is.

for example, ER is on Jan. 10th, I believe. Looking at the 01/21/22 7.50c, these are in ITM/ATM currently. the theta on it is -0.015 and IV is at 101%. these are currently priced under $1. so theta decay is not a major factor. this is the type of call i would keep on my watch list and look for a move upwards in price early next week. right now it looks like it’s bottoming out on the dailies but i’m not that good of a trader to time the absolute bottom. i would wait to see indicators of a turnaround, like a couple of green candles and definitely no candles below that bottom of $7.31 (lower low).

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JPM, WFC, and some other banks are reporting earnings in a few weeks (week of Jan 14th).

They’re currently trading below where they were a week ago before quad-witching. Applying what we have learned in the past about riding trends and gathering IV premiums, this wouldn’t be a bad area to start a call position. I’ll be keeping an eye on these two as the finance sector seems to be lagging a bit behind the rest of the market.


I see it in the list, but haven’t had luck finding anything data wise,

Did Meatech 3D post earnings? List has it happening today but I’ve had no luck finding it.

For those unfamiliar, absolute garbage as company out of Israel. They are attempting to 3D print “meat” like steaks.

Was pumped hard on Reddit a while back and has slowly been descending into hell. Low volume and options available.

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Update on this - took some 162.5c for JPM that expired the week after earnings. I’m currently out for a solid gain and looking to re-enter. With interest rate hikes there could be some bullishness expected to come in their guidance. Couple that with the overall finance market lagging, we could be early in riding the IV ramp.

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STZ (constellation brand) aka makers of corona beer has earnings coming up 1/6/22.

It’s up 18% over the last three months with a pretty strong chart. Option chain favoring calls over puts but not running on much volume right now. Gonna dig into it a little more.

Anyone monitored RDW? Redwire? Earnings at some point in early January coming up. Recent good news, prone to Reddit attention, and currently at ATL. Gonna dig into that too if anyone’s interested.

Affirm earnings is gonna be on fire;)

Max talking little about upcoming earnings 4:40

I bought calls for DAL earnings.