Earnings Week of Nov 6th-10th


I will probably get burned, but since the premiums on UPST are pretty insane I might sell a CSP tomorrow. 26p weekly going for 2.00. Will wait until close to the EOD since it’ll probably sell off into ER.

man anyone following any of these

ill try this week. UBER and RBLX had a nice run but doesnt seem like they have much left. $RBLX struggling with breaking 42 and UBER 50. RBLX up 16% so maybe a dip buy and see how it trends vs SPY

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TWLO possible calls tomorrow on 58/60 support and resistance 65/68. will adjust numbers in the am

Not going to trade HUBS (Hubspot) as premiums way too high for scalping this week but decent earnings there

AFRM is a maybe for me for calls tomorrow. It’s a tough one
IV is too jacked and prob not worth it until IV drops and buy 2 weeks out on a bounce or 1 week out after IV drop. 22/20 support & resistance 26/24

So far looks like AMC puts, TWLO calls, AFRM Calls, HUBS calls but need time and review again in the am after volume slows

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