Earnings Week or 5/15-5/19

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Looking forward to $HD earnings… I’m pretty much a perma-bull with them but any reason to expect a miss for Q1? With it being a mild winter here in the NE I know a ton of construction projects were running at full steam around me, coupled with the drop in materials compared to last year I could see a beat. Any bearish takes?


First I love HD so I’m wrong person to present bearish take. Relatively little snow here in Midwest I’d say is good for the construction industry. But In general they are always my go to for that type of stuff.

Now to todays earnings. Clear winner premarket was MNDY with beat all over and upped guide. And it paid. IV didn’t seem to crush on the strikes as fast as normal so intial drop and bounce from support paid pretty decent. It did stay flat most of the day and then broke through 150. I am still in open position of 160s to see if it moves multi day. What did miss out on is SMAR and TEAM that we have notated many times before get sympathy moves with segments. We used to do really good job of playing the same segments. I think they actually would have paid better than MNDY itself because of the IV not being jacked to the tits.

PTs coming in on MNDY are in the low of 175 to as high as 240. Should help it move some since well below them. Nothing real big AH today. But should be some decent ones tomorrow premarket and rest of week. One of my all time favorites Friday with DE. HD should be a telling sign for retail reports rest of the week. Going to try to update this in morning after reports come out.


BABA put may be a good play prior to their earnings on Thursday pre-market. The China economic report missed forecast.

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Lots to watch this week into next. SONY might sell its financial business worth billions and is buying back shares. Could keep this uptrend running. WMT on decent earnings, Cisco could have recovery and dropped due to orders dropping but upped guidance, and bath and body works jumped on earnings but q2 guidance is cut in half. This might be a good one for puts a few weeks out if it pumps. Will add more but at office so hard to watch today. Please help me review these.

CSIQ big beat upped guidance. WMT holding up to SPY drop

As usually DE smashed it. Should be fun fd day and one week out


Yes, and going forward this reinforces that the performance of DE is roughly similar to CAT, AGCO, CNHI and TEX. Perhaps going forward this is one play where holding over earnings makes sense, especially if the other companies have done well.

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NKE sympathy play on FL horrible earnings. Watching 116/116.50 for puts one week out. FL looking for a push up 34/35 if I try puts and IV to come down for a week out.