Ebb and Flow before moon rise

My first DD so feel free to tune me up.

This ticker has been in a obvious pattern for over a year now. They have 2 profitable drugs in phase 3 of trials. Mino-Lok (a unique treatment for a catheter infection) and I/ONTAK (T cell lymphoma cancer treatment) with very good results thus far. Also in the pipeline is Halo-lido a hemorrhoid treatment backed by clinical trial which does not exist at the moment.

Hype is huge about this taking off this year or early next, it’s considered to be a when not if.

So here is the play; this has been very stable at 1.50 support. Any time it gets to 1.50 it’s time to buy. It will bounce up on hype or news and fall back to 1.50 support it’s gone through this cycle a few times. It has fallen to 1.38 at worse so far.

In short buy the ebb sell the flow and eventually the dat will come when a product hits market and the moon will rise. Of course this could be killed off by FDA approvals never coming to fruition but retail is hedging and the interweebs are all over this.

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Really good entry point on CTXR here, historically this is the low end of the pattern. I am loading up.

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A note of caution. They released info that Mino-lok has been delayed until 2023. This is causing a major sell-off. This is unfortunate news and the fallout could be catastrophic.

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