Economic Calendar Integrations

Starting this because a thread doesn’t exist yet.

Made some changes to the economic calendar as it by default was returning wrong colors for beats and misses. I had originally thought that this was causing GPT to misread the data itself but they turned out to be separate issues (potentially), need to do some more tests actually.

So the calendar is now reworked so that the math is accurate:

To briefly explain the coloring


The color of the actual figure is determined by whether it is greater than or lower than the average of the other figures presented.

Previous, Consensus & Forecast

The color of the three of these figures is determined by whether or not the actual figure is higher or lower than them. For instance in the below example:


The actual figure of 50.6 is lower than the previous figure of 50.8 so the previous figure is red. However, the actual figure is higher than the consensus figure of 49 so the consensus figure is green.

Natural Language Date Parsing

While conducting the rework, I took a second to finish a natural language date parser I’d been working on. So while I dislike the text commands, the !mcal command now accepts a range of inputs such as:

  1. Monday
  2. Next Week
  3. Feb 06
  4. Next Monday
  5. A Week from Now
    And so on

This system will be integrated into slash commands pretty soon and is a part of the coming feature which will allow the community to add events to Mimir’s system (and a Valhalla calendar).

More soon.