EP - Empire Petroleum Low Cap NYSE Uplisting + Reverse Stock Split

EP (a.k.a EMPR pre-uplisting) is an “operator of conventional oil and gas properties.” This stock will be undergoing a 1:4 reverse stock split effectively reducing its shares outstanding to 19.9M (Tomorrow March 8, 2022). I’m unsure how the float is handled during reverse stock splits, however, its current float is about 30M and with a split, I would expect a reduction to about 7.5-8.0M. It also has a low cap of about 63M. To make matters more interesting, like HUSA, this play comes at an odd time when oil is in high demand and it may be ripe for a retail pump. Like all pumps, it should be approached with caution as the downside is ALWAYS there.

Link:Empire Petroleum Corporation Announces Uplisting to the New York Stock Exchange American - Empire Petroleum Corp


I would think based on this it is 100% a pump candidate - nice find and post

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Thanks! Wish I could play it, already took my profits from oil pumps this week and ran. My positions are mostly CORZ and WEAT tbh. I will look to enter some more oil to hold over the weekend depending on how it goes.

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Nothing wrong with that taking profits and running away - that is the way :wink:

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