ET / Energy Transfer - ER Gamble -

Was discussing with @MENoir on TF - so thought I would post -

Noticed the ticker from Capital Trades - Energy Transfer LP (ET:US) trades by politicians

Given the current - geopolitical climate thought it might be worth looking into -

Earnings 2/16 in AH -

10.5’s and 11’s are dirt cheap.

Needless to say, this is a straight gamble on a ticker with hardly any movement - and should be treated as just a random idea.

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Earnings was decent - came in as expected a little bit of an AH jump but nothing major.
Might sell 10.50 CSPS at open - to see if I can catch the bots - at close they were paying $0.46 on FD’s - quite a bit of risk if profit takers dump

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So ET had a slight pop AH, opened basically flat, and options got IV crushed.

@internetkings did you end up playing anything on this?

Ya - played a few calls -

Put in bids for the CSP’s on open - but no fills -going to keep an eye on it though if I went a little lower I think I could of filled