EVTL - possible gamma squeeze

Ticker: EVTL
Description of why you are requesting DD: possible gamma squeeze play
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: https://www.reddit.com/r/SPACs/comments/riprlm/evtl_224m_optionable_low_float_wpossible_squeeze/

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Okay I spent a good portion of my morning looking over this and it’s given me quite a headache, I pulled numbers from every possible source I could find but I found too many variations, when discussing the float that’s a pretty large red flag for me especially after quite of few guys in this just recently got burned by ESSC. Given the varying amount of info surrounding the NAV protection also is a pretty large red flag for me as well, I personally would not be looking at anything long on this but I do think it could be a decent swing play due to the obvious volatility with upside that this thing could pop but it’s a true double edge sword with the possibility of this thing violently knifing as possible with many low floats if considering playing this I wouldn’t go any sizable positions and it’s a true gamble I would look for entrees below 11 if possible be safe on this one.

This one has a high amount of convertible notes that are not subject to lockup restrictions. In my opinion it’s got a pretty solid brick wall above $15 and anything it manages to get past that runs the risk of halting downward.

Secondly, the OI on this is non existent.