Fantasy football

I’m going to start a general fantasy football discussion for those of you who are interested for the upcoming season. I’m going to start with player upside and downside for the upcoming season with the different roster moves etc. Everyone feel free to add info and opinions.

Devante Adams to the raiders.

Devante Adams is a stud there’s no denying that, but the raiders is where WRs careers go to die and especially Packers recievers. Jordy Nelson and James Jones are good examples. Hell even Jerry Rice, I know he didn’t play for the Packers just an example of a great reciever wondering off into the woods to die, went to the raiders. Granted rice took them to the playoffs but he’s a different bird entirely. James Jones lone season with the raiders featured his lowest yds per catch in his career in the single digits at 9.1. in all his other career seasons he averaged 13.5 and over. Jordy Nelson scored only 3 TDs the year he was with the raiders. Now I think Adams is a much better reciever than those two, but Derek Carr is not Aaron Rodgers, not even close. Adams will get target share but don’t expect double digit TDs or over 100 receptions. He’s going to be competing with Darren waller and, I know this is ridiculous, but Hunter Renfrow too. Carr will try to force to Adams in high pressure situations but he’ll more than likely be off target or throw into double coverage when looking his way. Having said that I think Renfrow will have a solid year with Adams drawing that much attention from defenses and him being Carr’s safety blanket. Don’t sleep on Renfrow but I’m not taking Adams until end of 3rd round ideally 4th round if you absolutely want him on your team.

Share your opinions on this.

Next topic I’m gonna go into Russell Wilson heading to the broncos