FAT swing trade

News came out earlier today that the CEO of FAT has been under SEC investigation for a few months. The stock dropped 23% on this news.

I’m going to look for an entry tomorrow to play it for a quick bounce. Sorry gang, it doesn’t have options.

Here is the “meat” of the CNBC report:
Shares of Fat Brands closed down nearly 23% on Tuesday after the parent of Fatburger and Johnny Rockets disclosed that its CEO has been under investigation for months.

In a regulatory filing, Fat Brands said the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California and the Securities and Exchange Commission told the company in December that they had begun investigating CEO Andrew Wiederhorn.

The government is seeking documents and materials related to Fat Brands’ merger with Fog Cutter Capital Group in December 2020 and transactions between Wiederhorn and those entities, according to the filing. Fog Cutter Capital is the largest shareholder of Fat Brands, and Wiederhorn is its majority shareholder.

Investigators are also looking into compensation, extensions of credit and other benefits that Wiederhorn or his family may have received. Wiederhorn’s son Thayer serves as chief operating officer of the company.

The disclosure followed a Los Angeles Times report on Saturday that the allegations against Wiederhorn include securities and wire fraud, money laundering and attempted tax evasion. The newspaper also reported that federal agents raided the home of Thayer Wiederhorn and his wife Brooke — daughter of former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards — in December.

“The government has informed FAT Brands of its investigation and the Company is fully cooperating,” Fat Brands said in a statement to CNBC. “The Company is not a target of the investigation.”

Fat Brands said in the filing that it isn’t able to estimate the outcome or duration of the government investigations at this time.

In a statement to CNBC, Wiederhorn’s attorney Douglas Fuchs said his client categorically denies the allegations and they plan to demonstrate that the government has its facts wrong.

“These loans were completely legitimate and were independently reviewed and approved,” Fuchs said. “In addition, Mr. Wiederhorn’s tax returns were prepared and approved by independent tax professionals and he has been making payments under a plan approved by the IRS.”

Here’s the link to the full story:

I closed out of the FAT swing trade today for a small profit. I was able to grab a small position of 50 shares at 7.77 of the larger order I placed for 500 shares. I ended up trading out of this position at 8.02 for a .25 profit per share.

The reason I closed my position is the trading volume is really thin. Today’s total volume was 37,188 shares traded. There are far better and more liquid plays in the market.

Just FYI there are two tickers (two classes of stock), FAT & FATBB. Neither has much volume, nor do they move the same. It’s a weird stock that I have on my restaurant watchlist but would likely never play.

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