Favorite news scanner and other helpful secondary tools for sentiment trading (scanners, indicators, etc)?

I figured I’d make this an AMA thread because I’m looking for a good news scanner, something like the ones running under Conq’s charts on the challenge stream…That looks like a TD feature, anyone have any good standalone recommendations? Saw Finviz in an older thread which seems to be great (though I’m not sure what kind, if any, delay it’s running on) but I’d love to hear any other recommendations, especially with so many plays being driven off sentiment currently.

I also figured we could post indicators or non-traditional tools in here, anything that could help with trading in times when technicals are taking a backseat. Main things that got me thinking along these lines is a personal need for live news screening, Brummel’s introduction of Bookmap to the community, and some discussions in VC last week hearing Jekyll having some success spotting trends using Heikin Ashi candles and a couple custom TradingView indicators. There are so many ‘outlier’ type tools to use, I think everyone can benefit from giving some of them a try and comparing notes.

I’ve been playing around with different ‘Trend Exhaustion’ indicators in TV, will need to have them running live to see how useful they really are, but they seem like they could be helpful for finding entries/exits. Most are basically just RSI combined with one or more other indicators for easier visualization, we’ll see how they react during the day…any tools that can reliably help spot reversals would be invaluable, so hopefully I can find a script/timeframe that works.