FaZe Clan 720 double yy stun cancel sui shot Highrise MW2

WHATS UP FUCKERS, take a seat now. Tmilly is speaking. Everyone here knows I’m the best cod player in this discord but ima need some help with the stock part because I have a huge idea that I think will be very profitable and it deals with a spac merger sooooooo. Anyways FAZE clan has been approved for its merger and will be traded on the NYSE with the ticker $FAZE. They will hold the meeting on July 15th at 10am est. (I don’t know how merger stuff works)

The reason for this is that EVERYONE who plays video games or is involved with them knows of FAZE clan. They are the face of esports and have people like Kyler Murray (cardinals qb in the NFL) and Lebron James son bronny involved with their ORG. The gaming scene in the past was notorious for tweeting about pumping doge and other things like that when doge was taking off that week. They have all done similar things in the recent months with other cryptos and nfts etc… I know a lot of people in the gaming scene personally and a lot of them have a very large following. They could tweet saying to buy hbndsapioufghbiweoubf and a large chunk of their followers would buy it. That’s where us smart investors can make money.

There is a month until this merger vote thing happens but I have a strong hunch this shit will be pumped like a mf by ALOT of people online everywhere so I’m throwing this up here now in advance in hopes that some of the smarter people here who know how these mergers work can chime in.


Image of the statement


Bro there’s already a thread on this: $BRPM Faze clan has a SPAC that has insane meme potential - #11 by hansolo

The current ticker for the spac is $BRPM and the despac will trade under the ticker $FAZE.

I’ve been looking into this trade for a few days now. I agree with you that this could pump (but my reasons are different from yours).

One bullish sign is that they have a sizable PIPE of 118 million and the sponsor has even agreed to backstop the difference if there are is fewer than $100 million in proceeds from the PIPE investment.

And as you pointed out FAZE has a huge cult-like following so the meme potential is off the charts here.

However, the valuation is quite rich at 1 billion and their revenue projections are laughable. Also, if you look into how they got to the numbers justifying the valuation and revenue projections you would quickly call bullshit.
For example: They wildly overstate their follower count by not taking into account that most of their followers are the same people across different social media platforms.

If you have 100k followers on Instagram and 100k subscribers on YouTube you don’t necessarily have 200k unique followers since it’s very likely that there’s a huge overlap.

However I think there’s two bullish situations and calls are enticing (especially since the August 10c is trading quite cheaply):

  1. There’s a pump either pre or post merger due to increased media attention and widespread brand recognition due to the reasons stated above by @T_Milly

  2. It’s such a shit deal that the SPAC will have 99%+ redemptions and become an optionable low float pump sort of situation. (Remember there’s a $118 million dollar PIPE so deal will likely still go through)

Source:Latest Filing

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Able to sell 3 of my calls for .10. Covered my cost. Good job box god, now start pumping this shit

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