Financial services bonuses

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Creating this thread so we can share heads up on financial services bonuses, such as credit card bonuses, banking specials, etc. A lot of these things are short-lived so figure we can consolidate anything we find here and share links for those who may be in the market for some free points.

Delta AMEX is currently running a promo on their credit cards. Iā€™m a pretty big Chase guy but will be grabbing one of these as Delta has seriously upped their benefits.


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Marriott Bonvoy is having a special on their low-fee credit card ($95 annually)

You get 5 nights free worth up to 50000 pts each (aka $500/night) after 5k in 3 months spend, meaning you get up to 50%/$2500 back on your spend. Also has good points on dining and groceries, along with no foreign transaction fees and some other baseline perks.

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1-800-flowers has a 25% off flash sale for delivery up to valentines day in case yall havent gotten anything Save 25% Off* Sitewide

AMEX Business Platinum is running their 150k bonus again with eligible activity. Good for anyone here with a small biz with high expenses. The Business Platinum Card from American Express