First Bitcoin ETF offered in China

We saw what happened last week with the new bitcoin ETF drop last week. Well here is another one that just dropped, only this is the first one in China to drop, and out of the largest bank in China at that.
Last weeks BTC ETF had a 12% price movement in price. Not going to say that that’s going to happen with this, but this could lead to a short term run as well for BTC and miners.

“HSBC of Hong Kong has announced the opening of a new trading service for Bitcoin and Ethereum through ETFs, listed on the Chinese district stock exchange. The bank thus becomes the first in Hong Kong to offer such a service”

Probably should have made this a catalyst post instead of a DD, but if anyone is planning to play the news between this and the RIOT purchase, I would suggest waiting for a dip back to $30.4-.5K area, as BTC had a nice little bump overnight already.