FLGT - Insider Stock Grant with Huge Gains!

Ticker: FLGT
Description of why you are requesting DD: Insider Grants were given with records showing grants history of stock gains
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: <(https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/own-disp?action=getissuer&CIK=0001674930&type=&dateb=&owner=include&start=0)>

Wanted to bring this to attention as I was digging into some tickers to invest in.

The CFO, COO, and CSO all received a stock grant. Notable, the CEO didn’t, however all of the previous stock grants given to these other execs have had some fantastic timing.

Previous Grants:

  • 2020-08-03 (+70% in 2 weeks)
  • 2019-11-01 (+60% in 1 week)
  • 2019-08-01 (+54% in 2 weeks)
  • 2019-02-17 (+30% in 2 weeks)

I don’t know if I have ever seen a company do 4 seemingly random grants all with massive jumps within the next two weeks. Obviously this current market is wild, so the risk is higher, but this seems very bullish.

Let me know if people have information to share.


Looks like this was in r/UltraAlgo…


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Since posting, the stock has been up 10%.

I did not enter a position.