$flt.v drone delivery canada

So here we go. The company I am about to present you here is Drone Delivary Canada (ticker FLT.V on the TSXV and TAKOF on the OTC market). Prior from being deepely involved in the stock market ( before 2020), I had a lot of shares of this start up company that offers services of autonomus delivary by drones (Prior of me selling all of those to get AMC shares and enjoy that gamma squeeze babyyyyy! Gotta love BULL SEASON). They have different types of airborn drones that varies in size and flight capacity depending of the nature of the delivary. Here is the website of the company.

There been a lot of obstacle in the prior years of the company regarding regulations in Canada and approuval of the different types of drones that could be used for commercial purpose. Small steps by small steps, the company been able to secure contracts of delivary services for remote regions of Canada that has difficulty of getting certain product.

There been a leadership change in the last year regarding certain aspect of the company contracts aquisition and cash flow.

However, I beleive things are looking bright for the future. Yesterday, the company was pleased to report record revenue of $575,385 for the first tree months of the year. heres the Q1 2023 with all the details.

Price action of FLT.V is currently around half a canadian dollar. I think its an interesting company to keep an eye on. I plan on recommit a substancial position in the next days.


Interesting opportunity in that so many Canadian communities are isolated and situated away from infrastructure.

I can’t see something like this working large-scale in the lower 48 US due to air traffic density, but certainly there is a market in Alaska.

I’m curious about the weather capabilities of these drones. Would one expect a seasonal boost to revenue in the summer months and decline during a colder winter?

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