FOUR- Online Payment Company undervalued?

Online Payment Company that has been beaten down due to COVID. Hit a high of 100 in April/May- and mainly deals in Hotel payments. They are doing a 100 million dollar stock buyback in 2022 as well. Price targets seem to think it has potential to reach ~100 again this year…curious if anyone has looked into them?

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Just for the sake of updating-

There was news about partnering with a large provider of concessions for Airports last week. As well as in T-Mobile arena for all of their food and beverage transactions. Not sure if that is the reason for the 10% today or not.

I’ve copied a screenshot from my Schwab account ratings: to be clear Schwab has it at a “D” rating.

haven’t found out when earnings are next- but consensus seems like March time frame. Their last earnings was September 2021 and have just been in a downtrend since then.

I am going to keep watching and have a 10/22 65c so far.

Closely watching AFRM earnings. Similar offerings to FOUR- although I would argue FOUR offers more services to a boarder host of potential customers.

FOUR is up ~6% on the day- hoping that this trend continues.

My loan call is up 28% at the moment. Might get some shorter dated calls if AFRM earnings do well…

So AFRM took a shit- and FOUR is still holding up. They are obviously fundamentally different companies but play in the same sector so I was happy to see FOUR not be affected.

As warmer weather comes around and people start going to outside events and traveling more- I think FOUR will continue to see growth.

FOUR had their earnings- a bit of a miss was to be expected due to Omicron spike.

However with mask mandates easing up- and their partnerships mentioned in the call-I can see this as a good buying opportunity. I am going to buy more October calls here.

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Still in this play- has had good upside these last few weeks.

Added some shares to hold on to. They have good management and many verticals to sell into as masking eases up.

My goal is to approach the 100s again by EOY.

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Archiving this now. Thank you for contributing on this ticker! I’m sorry none of them assholes responded to this thread. It’s their loss! Not mine! Because I didn’t respond either <3