FUCK_CCIV's Martingale 0DTE System - using the algos to one's advantage

I appreciate the write up and will say that there are parts of this I like and parts I will be critical of:

  • I like not trading for 30 minutes. It’s good to be patient and let the trend establish itself.
  • I like DCA into options rather than full bore into it
  • S/R is tried and true, keep it up!

What I would urge caution for is:

  • We have been blessed with significant movement over the past month. For 6 weeks before that we were range bound and opportunities to make money on that were tight.
  • RSI is also eh, if it’s working for you I say keep going with it, but RSI is a moving average and doesn’t consider the size of the float, it’s just a comparison of near historical volumes. If there are spikes and dips in volume it throws RSI with it so just don’t become over dependent upon it.
    -DCA can also lead you to be over leveraged into a bad position. Setting stops when you’re X positions deep will be your friend here
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