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Developed by ex-Zynga co-founders and leads.

Max Supply: null
Circulating Supply: 6.98B GALA coins.
Total Supply: 35,240,112,493.00 coins.

Where to get GALA coins: Gala Games
CoinMarketCap page: Gala price today, GALA to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Gala Games does not sell coins directly, but they make the trade possible for players by listing them on exchanges.

  • Gala Games tokens are awarded to players and node operators–who then trade them on partner exchanges.
  • Gala Games recently announced the launch of the new in-game token for their game Mirandus, called Materium.
  • GALA coin has risen over 453K% in value since launch of Dec 28, 2020.

Gala Games prides themselves as the Gameplay “Fun First” developer, rather than a play-to-earn crypto project.
About page: Gala Games
“We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether or not they consider themselves to be blockchain pros.”

Gala Games uses nodes which investors can purchases licenses of and run on their own machines.
It’s a decentralized ecosystem that is pretty much ran by players themselves.
More details here:

  1. Gala Games

Notable team members: The People of Gala Games

  1. Eric Schiermeyer - One of the most crucial components to the success of an incredible team is its leadership, and that success begins with CEO Eric Schiermeyer, a well-known innovator and entrepreneur who has lived throughout his professional career on the cutting edge of gaming. Eric was the co-founder of the massively popular Zynga, publisher of multi-million-player mobile games with mainstream appeal and has created Gala Games from a vision to empower players through ownership and blockchain technology.

  2. John Osvald - It was announced on June 10th that 15 year gaming industry power player John Osvald has joined Gala Games as President of Games. Mr. Osvald worked on designs for some of Zynga’s most successful games in the early 2000s, before leaving Zynga to co-found both Shiver Entertainment and Carnivore Studios, then working as Head of Products for Electronic Arts’ Mobile Division. He has now joined Gala Games to oversee expansion and the onboarding of new games to be added to the Gala Games ecosystem.

  3. Michael McCarthy - The creative mastermind behind the first playable Gala Games game was also the Creative Director of Farmville 2 , one of Zynga’s most successful games, which at its height of popularity had around 50 million monthly players. Michael McCarthy has been a visionary in video game design and creation for two decades.

Games launched at the time of writing:

  1. Beta Status - Town Star, developed in-house.
    The Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game - Townstar

  2. Beta Status - Spider Tanks, developed by Gamedia using the GALA network.

More Games currently in development:

  1. Mirandus, in-house by Gala Games,

  2. Echoes of Empire, developed by Ion Games.

  3. Fortified, developer TBA.

4hour chart shows the most recent best time of entry was Nov 10 at 3pm.
I think this has a lot more room to grow for the next few months and may soon retest 0.84…

I like this stock.


Chart Update:
Another project that doesn’t seem to care about any bad news right now, GALA.x is breaking out of this wedge from 0.63…

It’s not showing any further weakness in this channel, but it will probably trade sideways for a bit.

Tonight at 7pm PST , Gala Games, GAMEDIA and OKEx are proud to bring you the first ever Gala Esports Championship event, live in Seoul!

Esports Championship League

The Spider Tanks World Cup is the historic kickoff event of the Gala Games Esports Championship League that will really get rolling in 2022. With the help of sponsors like OKEx and VSPN, we have pulled out all the stops to deliver a truly memorable esports experience for both players and spectators. We even have some top people from the Gala Games team on the scene for live hosting of the event: CSO James Olden and President of Blockchain Jason “Bitbender” Brink !

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GALA is now trading stable sideways in this channel of 0.61 - 0.67.
The 4hour candles are tight within the Bollinger Bands.

Known possible catalysts near term:

  1. Mirandus VOX NFT

  2. Ozys partnership

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This is one of the few charts that is showing enough strength…

I’m looking to add to my position below that support of 0.36929.
By that time, more developments and events will be announced, and more/less concern about regulations will be published.

So far, the company has been great with events and communication with their fanbase.
This is great because very few have clear direction.
GALA is a real gaming company first and foremost.

GALA Games is offering Gala Gold lifetime membership…

I think this is a limited promo and will soon be closed.
GALA is trading at 0.55-56 today.

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