General EV Stocks Thread

Hello Gamblers,

With rising fuel prices with no close end in sight, some believe EV stocks can receive some hype or have increased movement in these trying times. With many of these stocks at weekly, and some at even monthly lows, it might be an opportunity.

I encourage all of you to post any EV stock technical analysis (chart, predictions, sentiment, etc.), as well as any information you may have here. Individual trades are also helpful.

Happy Trading.

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Last year I was looking into several types of stocks for this beyond the actual vehicle OEMs, battery (QS, MVST) and grid (EVGO, PLUG, VLTA) and even RMs (LAC seems to be the choice here, though maybe now nickel too). Most of these experienced a pretty sizeable run up last November, I believe related to the infrastructure bill. They are just now starting to recover some of the losses following that collapse.

In particular MVST and EVGO have good trends the last month.

In full disclosure, I’ve been bag holding MVST since being an unwitting participant in a WSB pump. Holding for that time has left me with the conclusion that the execs there are clueless and don’t know how to release PR to hold stock price. While they seem to address a niche market of industrial vehicles (bus, machinery…USPS truck?) they aren’t forthcoming with contract details. Or for that matter required SEC documents (S1).

If I can dump my bags on that, I would probably look at one of the charging station plays, either EVGO or VLTA (which may just now be starting is uptick)

CHPT would be also good to look at. They have the largest market share of the charging companies and the stock has higher trading volume than EVGO or VLTA.


I’ll go with the market and buy the current rising star MULN


I’m currently wheeling Fisker, and I like the direction they’re going, and I’ve kept an Eye on Ford for some time now. I’m feeling I should be going in on LEAPS for the auto industry

I checked in on some of these today… Nice call on MULN, quite the run. I also liked the run LAC has had, and the bullish talk about opening up mining to reduce reliance on Russian region for minerals. We’ll see if it continues, $40 seems to be the resistance.