General Ignorance - Can I make my will into an NFT that will remain private until someone has the key?

I’m looking to create my will and put it into an NFT so that it cannot be tampered with. But i would also like said will to be private (encrypted … unreadable until the time of my death or only readable by myself with the key)

Is that possible?


I think this better belongs in the AMA section of the forum, but yes, I think this is possible. I’m not a lawyer, but essentially you would create a document which would have a “snapshot” that could be coded into an image as an NFT.

The issues I see with this are:

  1. If the document needs to be edited, depending on how it’s done may require the creation of another NFT since the first one may be impossible to change.

  2. Making it only readable by you would seriously defeat the purpose in the event of your untimely death, unless you plan to have a separate file/instructions for whoever is handling your will and estate distribution to access the original document.

It is possible to simply have an encrypted file/document and only share the password with one other person and keep it on a USB or external hard drive that is also encrypted where someone you trust knows the location.