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Members are encouraged to post their own topic in this category for tracking performance and discussions related to their own trading journey. However, should members prefer the “old style” P&L thread, this topic was created for that purpose. Chat is enabled on this topic so preferably members should discuss updates in chat rather than in the content of the topic itself.

  1. Describe the gains in text (Ex: Sold AAPL puts +96%) because the TF notification doesn’t include images
  2. Post an image of the realized gains. If its not realized, its not real.

12/27/2021. Solid win today. I basically do well when I stay within my rules and do terrible when I don’t. Go figure.



Got fucked up last few days!

Keep in mind this thread exists for general P&L updates like used to exist in the discord channel. Instead of posting updates to TF, post your realized gains here. Nobody cares until its realized.

I suppose you should also describe the gain in text since the TF notification doesn’t include images.

Cut my AAPL puts +96%



Just a quick update, be sure to describe your gains in text since the TF notification doesn’t include images.


Posting this here for the lulz. When I decided to do the challenge I wanted to do some practice since it’d honestly been awhile since I actively traded. I stumbled on an account that had $1 in it, so I kicked it to $5 to see how far I could get. From 01/21 to 01/31, the balance went from $5 to $120:

The closing value today will be $182.82:


which works out to a modest small account challenge gain of 3,516% :laughing:

These trades aren’t indicative of anything incredible, just shows that you can turn a little bit of money into something more meaningful by practicing profit taking and being super selective on what plays you enter.


first like and comment. W. but yo good work thats mad impressive

I just gotta ask: how. Did you trade shares until you had enough to buy options?

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Do you be chance have a record of what you were trading? Or care to share that? Simply out of curiosity.