Genfly Capital Ventures (Flywoman and Genti Challange)

Flywoman and I are sharing similar trading styles that also complement each other. For this reason we have decided to launch a 2024 Challenge. Our main strategy will focus on swing plays and dedicated catalyst plays — the kind that don’t require constant monitoring. We’re keen to involve our community in this journey, starting with a key question about the initial capital. Our aim is to make this challenge as accessible as possible, so we value your input on what you think a feasible starting amount would be.

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Love the name by the way! Have you guys thought about how to allocate the starting funds? Stuff like keeping a reserve, averaginf in, ect?

There’s definitely going to be averaging in/down. I often start with 10 shares, do research on the company, then scale up from there if I’m comfortable with what I’ve found out about them.

:dollar: Account Value: 1000$
<a:moneyprinter:848966549666136104> Realized Gains: 0$
<:diamondhands:848923712769359893> Unrealized Gains: 0$


@here New Position $CLRB
<a:stockrocket:968516250735095828> 50 Shares at 2.85
:scientist: Phase 2b (Trial: CLOVER-WaM) data to be presented in January 8, 2024.
:fire: High Risk level and short-term play
:spiral_calendar: You need to be available on Jan 8 and need be able to sell in pre-market


I’ve been following many other bio plays, and already had a position in CLRB. Quite excited to see how the challenge goes.

Well, just started and ROTH IRA and as soon as the !#)@^%!(*&^ funds settle I look forward to joining (degen account has shares right now) <:pepepray:930324508018106448>

@here today is the last day to get in or out. Its strong suggested that you are able to trade shares pre-market.

Alarm is already set for 4:00 AM EST Monday, I’ll bring the coffee <:pepepray:930324508018106448>

Its been said above and in TF but keep in mind with any share scalping i do and calls etc. I always start with 1-5 contracts and if shares prob 10,50,100, or 1,000 per buy. It can change but i always assume I am going to add or average at least a few times. More on if i am averagin on a swing play over 2-4 weeks but if i do shares and am scalping pre market i will only add 1-2 times at support. These plays are not quick like Genti said but things to always review on entries, how much, and how often, and what is your cut point that you are not willing to hold past. See you all monday for the results on this share play. GL

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Monday, January 8, 2024 at 8:00 am ET. I am expecting a Press Release right before the conference call.

If Data is positive, watch for S/R call outs from <@281588131554131968> and sell aligned with your playstyle. Typical i sell part of the position in the pre-market pump and keep smaller position for market open to see if there is another pump.

If Data is below expectation or truly negative we will see a drop. How big it is depends on the details of the result. Do not average down as there is not other upcoming catalyst in the near future for this company.

Good Luck

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CLRB positive news

Cellectar Biosciences Announces Positive Topline Data Achieving Primary Endpoint in Pivotal Clinical Study of Iopofosine I 131 in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia :: Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. (CLRB) Of note: The CLOVER WaM study met its primary endpoint with a major response rate (MRR) of 61% (95% confidence interval [44.50%, 75.80%, two-sided p value < 0.0001]). The overall response rate (ORR) in evaluable patients was 75.6%, and 100% of patients experienced disease control. Responses were durable, with median duration of response not reached and 76% of patients remaining progression free at a median follow-up of eight months. These outcomes exceed real world data, which demonstrate a 4-12% MRR and a duration of response of approximately six months or less despite continuous treatment in a patient population that is less pretreated and less refractory to multiple classes of drugs. Notably, iopofosine monotherapy achieved an 8% stringent complete remission (sCR) in this highly refractory WM population.

<@889849212915843093> <@895442303571873805> <@409430851743645698> <@296419087863513108> <@136954799764668416> <@682731038354702350> <@754166116850466837> <@281588131554131968> <@403231600772644864> good news on CLRB! <:celebrationsprinkles:1033885438403948654>


Take Profits aligned with your trading style. In my Personal account I took some profit

3/3.25 support and 3.50/4 resistance

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@here Position Closed: $CLRB
25 shares at $3.35 and $25 shares at 3.96
Profit: $40.25

:dollar: Account Value: 1040.25$ (<a:stockup:968516231000883251> 4%)
<a:moneyprinter:848966549666136104> Realized Gains: 40.25$
<:diamondhands:848923712769359893> Unrealized Gains: 0$

Disclaimer: Obviously <@741367626588094495> and i are doing this challenge on two different accounts because it was important for us to have have skin in the game on top of our personal accounts. As a result we can not be 100% precise with this calculation. Actual i created a new account for my son for this challange, so lets see if he will be rich or por.

@here New Position: $SPRB
<a:stockrocket:968516250735095828> 50 Shares at 2.8
:pinching_hand: Starter position with the plan to average in
:scientist: Phase 2b (Trial: CAHmelia-205) Phase 2 top-line safety data due in March 2024
:scientist: Phase 2b (Trial: CAHmelia-203) Phase 2b top-line data due in March 2024.
:scientist: Phase 2 (Trial: CAHptain-204) Phase 2b top-line data due in 3Q 2024.
:athletic_shoe: Medium-term play (3 months)
:spiral_calendar: You need to be available in March and need to able to follow updates for the play in the next 3 monthsimageimage


Currently the PM volume on this is pretty low so IMO don’t slap the ask.