Gentì`s Biopharma Portfolio

Moving the Performance out of the Biopharma thread.

If nothing happens tomorrow i will close 2023 with:

Realized: Gains: $230,277
Unrealized Gains: +$23,290


Awesome numbers genti. May I ask what your average position size is? Does this vary based on risk/reward level? What percentage of your port is invested at given time? Thanks!

Some high level figures i am trying to follow:

  • 20% Cash
  • no position over 10k$
  • starter position <1k$

position size based on

  • Market Opportunity of the Drug
  • Value proposition of the drug vs. standard of care.
  • Stage of the Catalyst, like NDA, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, PDUFA
  • How robust the clinical study is designed
    interim or previous clinical data, clinical data of similar drugs
  • Sentiment related to the Therapeutic Area
  • Company Profile (Financials) and clinical research track record of the company

Sounds more complex than it is.

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02/07/2024: $290,132, including $27,003 Cash
02/14/2024: $298,564 including $37,128 Cash

Its Wednesday, time for the update:
02/21/2024: $294,837, including $60,216 Cash

Overall port value more or less flat, cash position increased due to profit taking/exiting positions (NDRA, IOVA, SPRB, INMB, NERV, IINN)

Its Wednesday, time for the update:
02/28/2024: $354,088, including $120,677 Cash

Profits from ZYXI, ALXO, CADL, AQST, EFTR, VKTX; Losses from PTN and NERV

Note: I closed my gamble account and transferred the remaining funds to the bio account, hence the big jump.

Correction: EFTR was just risk off at BE

It is Wednesday, time for the weekly update:

03/20/2024: $344,361 including $100,096 Cash

If i would have posted the updated on Monday it would have looked very different.

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This is hurting the portoflio right now:image

It is Wednesday, time for the weekly update:

03/27/2024: $348,667 including $112,126 Cash

While the port is stable, i clearly Underperform vs the market, even vs. XBI.

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My Pharma long-term Positions: BMY, PFE, NVO, ALT, VRTX

These are not tracked in the bio port.

It is Wednesday, time for the weekly update:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: 04/03/2024: $339,147 including $110,820 Cash

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can you adopt me

In between update, - $11k down today.

:chart_with_downwards_trend: 04/04/2024: $328,019 including $76,508 Cash

:chart_with_downwards_trend: 04/12/2024: $325,753 including $96,392 Cash

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<@889849212915843093> Do you use stop losses for any of these plays? If so do have a %.

No, but I am in a position to monitor the positions every day