German economy minister rules out keeping nuclear plants running

Plants will be shut down and they’re going to have to rely on gas and coal.

“Extending the lifespan of the country’s three remaining nuclear power plants in order to save gas, saying it would save at most 2 percent of gas use.”

“These savings were not sufficient to be worth reopening the debate about the exit from nuclear energy given the consensus on the topic”

Also to add on.

If 6 plants were approximately 12% of the energy mix, and 6% is from 3 of them.
Extending the life 3 plants isn’t going to have that crazy of an impact.

6% of a country’s power is not an insignificant number.

Especially when they have absolutely zero knowledge of how long Russia is going to keep those gas taps flowing…

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Spread that across the various different sources of energy Germany uses.

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