$GIS - General Mills ER - Fwd Look

Starting a little DD for ER and beyond with General Mills known for its food processing and distribution.

Wheat export effects RUS/Ukraine


ER is expected pre-market 3/23/22

Shipping concerns statewide and internationally based on 2022 convention where CFO states profit hit ahead


Suspending investment and advertising in Russia which made up about 1% with CPW a partnership with Neslte.

Trading as of Friday



Are you looking to play more downside, or upside? Earnings last March saw a red day the day before, a gap down and red day the day of, then a nearly parabolic 8% rise afterwards…but, those two red days were after a nice uptrend all month that year. Still, that 8% rise was after a revenue rise from 16m to 17m, this year it’s 17m to 18m. Looks to be sitting on some support right now, no real resistance above except at 65 (unfortunately some psychological resistance should factor in at a round number like that), after that it’s clear skies to the multi year highs it just dropped from. Very, very interesting one for sure…

What in the hell happened two weeks ago to cause that drop I wonder? Will have to look at that, more likely than not related to the war, but 3/08 was a big time guh for GIS, makes the ER guess harder…was that a ‘Sell the rumor, Buy the news’ type thing?


Link describing grain futures.

Holding 10 62.5 puts for 4/14


Still feel guidance is the key for my puts, but wanted to share.