$GME ending wedge from January?

Description of why you are requesting DD: <looks like it is nearing the end of a wedge since January, but I’m no expert. Also bot predictions is very bullish ~25 days from now.

Final update from me at the bottom of the thread. 11/1/21


Would probably help if you post the wedge :stuck_out_tongue:


Posted, thanks for your patience.:joy: I’m very new to this so what I charted could be completely wrong, but it looks convincing to me.

Looks like it went down like amc but got support right at the lower support almost perfectly.


Just an update, It looks like it barley broke support, almost exactly like amc… but slightly started going green eod. Also, not sure if its just similar but it looks like a head and shoulder patter starting around aug 7th, amc also has this pattern as well, gonna keep watch.

Did you readjust the edge today? I think it jumped back into it, right on the support. Might be worth updating or confirming.


I’ll make an update when I get home, probably 3-4 hours

10/25 Update. Hopefully we continue to see GME stay on this path.


10/27 Update. Back at the support line. (ignore orange)

I personally might switch to 11/26s to play it super safe, and they earn a bit more then having 11/19s of the same strike.


11/1/21 Today was a nice jump from the wedge, although I do not know if it was from the wedge itself or news of the COO resigning and making the jump somewhat premature. There could be a pull back as there was a hard resistance at $207. At this point my limited knowledge ends, this whole think was because I saw this forming months ago, now that its over the wedge I am no longer qualified to say anything. If anyone wants to pick up on this I’d think we’d all appreciate it. :+1: