GOEV - Because I like gambling and don't want to bet on baseball

So GOEV has been pummelled down 97% currently trading at 0.67. I look at this stock as either a home run or it’s going to fucking 0 no in-between. They have been burning through cash and have yet to post any revenue. However this previous quarter they did narrow their losses so that’s something if you’re a glass half full kind of person. Rumors are going around about Walmart and chicfila being potential clients and the CEO of Olympian motors just tweeted yesterday he was open to the idea of a partnership with Canoo. This is more or less a gambling play betting that they don’t go bankrupt. It’s dirt cheap and, in my opinion, worth a dart throw at this point. I have Jan '25 $1c. Wanted to see what everyone else thought about it. It could absolutely go to zero but I think the upside is too hard to ignore at this price point.