Hey guys, this is just for anyone that can help in any way. I’ve set up a gofundme to help me move out and get into a better living situation so I don’t kill myself :joy:. I’ve put the link below.


2.5 months left in 2023 and ive officially witnessed the saddest thing of the year

Sorry this isn’t even worth the jokeimage

yeah i tried giving $1 too then closed it when it wouldnt take it

In fairness first I tried to give 50 cents and was turned off as soon as I realized it was only possible in dollar increments

Look for another job close to you or work two jobs until you dig yourself out. Save up and keep applying. Then once you get offer move and you have a cushion

Stop painting for free

yeah you stupid bitch

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Yh if I ask my dad to pay me for the painting imma get a beating and kicked out :joy:

And I’m still looking for jobs everywhere, if I can just get one I can make it work but alot of the engineering jobs mean I’ll have to relocate and I need between 3-5k for that

<@788142200852054056> If you are paying rent and painting for free that doesn’t make sense

But you can find a job near you that is more than 15k or 20k if that’s where you are at now

<@788142200852054056> then stop painting, tell your dad you need to get a 2nd job because life is expensive and get to work.

2 jobs and 80 hours a week is shit but its a fast way to get 3-5k.

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<@788142200852054056> If LMT hits $470 next week I’ll send some cash, will need feet pics for the AI OF account though.

Tf is that bulljive


Yh it doesn’t make sense but I don’t have enough for a deposit to move out and get my own place so I’m stuck here

Find entry level office job and do a part time restaurant

I did that for years to pay stuff off