GOLD - will earnings and war keep this up

Description of why you are requesting DD: <The earnings report and guidance ran this mining company from around $20 to $23-24. The ex-dividend date is 2/25/2022 and pay date is 3/15/2022. Requesting this as a starting point for a possible put play based on the dividend payment. Quarterly guidance appears to have been lowered recently according to NASDAQ, but this is my first DD request so I would appreciate it if others would look as well. However, with war and inflation gold prices have recently hit a 1 year high which may keep the stock price up. Will add more after hours to this.>
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War threatens keeping oil prices elevated could pressure fed into slowing down rate hikes which would be extremely bullish as gold fear of out of control inflation could push another rally.

As for the fear surrounding war, I think it is over I believe the thing to look for is monetary policy. Unless Russia does some wild shit.

If fed comes out more hawkish then anticipated then gold will come back down.