Good Morning Valhalla 3.24.22

Welcome frens,

News: NATO leaders are meeting in Brussels today to discuss the war and might have bearish announcements, I think the market has accepted that there won’t be peace for the foreseeable future tho. Some job numbers coming early but shouldn’t be anything market moving, they’ll be out an hour before open. Got a few fed talks but no JPow. Considering the last few weeks, it’s a slow news day so far

Daily Watchlist:
AMC and GME are staying on the list again today. Conq had a good swing on AMC and it managed not to fully collapse even though spy was down heavily. I will point out that AMC is almost always a better play than GME. AMC is cheaper, moves harder, and has a bigger following. It’s alot easier to make large gains on AMC than it is on GME. Trading AMC is not for the risk averse though, these are meme stocks.

NVDA is off the list got that one right yesterday not gonna double dip, always gets you the second time.

XOM is only up .06% as of writing this but Brent is riding up, I’m an expert in white liquid not black but oil go up mean gas go up right :pepepray:

Up big in pre right now. I suggest keeping an eye on 448 resistance today for potential runs. Support is scattered, should see some at 443 and 440. Feels like the market is looking for a reason to buy but keeps hitting roadblocks. Despite spy being up I have the feeling we end up red, take a dive sometime mid day on headlines about gas restrictions from more euros or something else. Shouldn’t be as violent as yesterday was in it’s swings.



I look foward to this every morning.
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Nightly recap:

Spy reacted positively to the small fed talks today and didn’t seem to mind new Russia sanction talk.

Not staying bear on NVDA was a good move, looks like that thing found its bottom yesterday. Had a good bull flag callout today on it, always play both sides.

XOM had a run at open and closed higher, nothing too exciting tho.

The no bags retard fuel (futures) are flat and meaningless as always.

Goodnight frens