Good Morning Valhalla 3.29.22

Welcum gays,

News: Peace hopium is high, there is now more optimism on peace because of reports of Russia and Ukraine willing to accept several concessions. The way I see it is, Russia has sunk everything it has into this invasion, it cannot come out of this without a clear victory and peace with Ukraine will not be a victory for them.

Got some consumer sentiment numbers today, they will come in low that should be expected. How market moving reports like this are idk but it’s probably negligible.

Daily watch list:
AMC and GME. They have gone parabolic, the panic is set in and the attention of retail is all on these big two meme stocks. I know most of us are already in the play, I hope the last 6 months of Valhalla have taught all of us that the way to trade is as a decisive, confident, and calm watcher that takes exact opportunities and doesn’t get stun locked by moves. There’s no need to go pepebigeyes or have a circle jerk reminding ourselves to be smart, we already are and you all know how to do this and we can do this.


It’s had a huge run the last few weeks and could be on the path of cementing that run with a big peak today if spy is willing to cooperate. That subscription news seemed bullish.

SPY: Up in pre market at the moment. We have been having this hard support bounce run for awhile now and I see it continuing for a bit longer, not done yet. As long as the consumer reports aren’t market moving it should be a calm day for spy we should see a continuation of institution inflow as they get back into bullishness.