Good Morning Valhalla 4.1.22

Bond yields invert again as the boomers get more anxious about the future. Jobs report will be coming in an hour before open and should be as expected. Unemployment is still very low and hiring is still widespread. Thing is, our inflation and recession fears seem untied to the job market. Bond yields aren’t what make the economy go round, so why rely on them for evidence of recession.

To me if you want a real indicator of danger look at consumer sentiment, average hourly pay, manufacturing payrolls, the nitty gritty of bedrock statistics on how the wheels are turning.

The war still goes on. Reports and video came out of Ukrainian helicopters attacking Russian gas distribution centers. I could see this being a false flag or real, I lean real because if it was a false flag why not fake an attack on a civilian target. It doesn’t really matter what it was tho, the war isn’t ending as was obvious.

Bidens oil reserve release ended up being a 1 million barrel a day release, shouldn’t have any effect outside slowing price rises.

Daily Watchlist:
AMC and GME: I’m taking this off the list after today because they’ve been on it too much. I said yesterday I thought this were dead, they were and they continued declining today. But then autism unfolded and Cohen announced a stock split and potential dividend. Retail loves making dividends and splits out to be something they aren’t which causes pumping in anticipation. Don’t fall into their mind dumpster, play the retards reaction to this news rather than the news itself.

Yesterday went as expected, hopefully people with mid term spy positions took profit on Wednesday. We are now approaching the bounce to continuation of the trend as long as news doesn’t kill it. Don’t get into any large positions but watch for dips to buy in on. Watch for that jobs news before open when making any decisions.

In :pepepray: we truss