Good Morning Valhalla 4.11.22

Whale Cum,

Death, doom, destruction :pepeevil-1:
The fear of inflation and recession that we hoped to creep in over the weekend is here. Markets are down in pre market and the CPI data is on its way tomorrow. There aren’t any events to worry about today but everything will be about how we go into tomorrow. As I’ve said in the last few GMVs the market will play the event up until the actually event, then it will play the priced in aftermath. Enjoy profit on any bearish positions today and the more things fall today the less bearish you should be for tomorrow and the near term. (We go down now we don’t have to later)

TWTR - Daddy Elon may already be dropping his new toy. He is not joining the Twitter board which gives him the ability to buy more shares but also limits control over the company. It’s bearish for now but if he starts buying more shares that will turn around quickly.

Down in pre market slightly because of the fear domination due to CPI. Support points might have enough kick to keep it up because today is just positioning for the event tomorrow. Like I said, take profit on puts at good spots and be ready to look for opportunities based around how you think SPY will do not just tomorrow but the days after tomorrow. Play the after effect of an event that’s expected to be bad.

:pepepray: bi


Just wanna say thanks again for writing these up. Super helpful for me on the west coast when I wake up at 6 AM and read as my first market overview update.