Good Morning Valhalla 4.13.22


JP morgan reported 524 million in loses from cutting off Russia, not great but not horrible. They’ll be fine. Delta had some good gas outta them facts they spit when they said today that rising prices and demand are offsetting fuel costs. Cathie woods is having a implosion like a dying star, is selling Twitter and is getting bullied by crypto company CEOs.

Most importantly we are in the aftermath of CPI which came in decently. Market stayed uncertain about it, opened higher then lost those gains intra day.

NVDA. All things considered today should be a green day for the market and NVDA stands to benefit greatly. It’s taken alot of hits and I’ve been bearish the last few weeks but i feel now it is actually ready to track back on up especially if spy starts to.

Up in pre, we have had alot of mood swings the last 24 hours but I feel like it’s where it belongs now (heading towards). We have certainly seen all of the immediate fear of CPI numbers pass and now it’s back to a game of who wants to risk it getting worse. I think big money is comfortable with buying here and algos aren’t predicting doom. Not a bad time to make plays in spy correlated stocks.