Good Morning Valhalla 4.14.22


Elon has engaged maximum autism and offered to buy Twitter for 43 billion. Twitter is up 10% in response. Wells Fargo reporting some losses and credit concerns. Russia is throwing a tantrum over Finland and Sweden seeking NATO membership by threatening nukes. So we got a few things going down. Lots of noise and things that you naturally would be scared of or confused on but these are confusing times and naturally spy is flat 0.00% in pre. Today has more concern than optimism as of now, I see that changing as the day goes on.

TWTR: Elon is pumping again after offering to buy all of Twitter. By doing this he has generated a play of it’s own. Time to buy gambling positions based on if Twitter will accept. Buy puts if you think they decline and buy calls if they accept. This would be pure degeneracy but I think it’s realistic that Twitter says no. They weren’t advertising a sale as far as we know and they definitely don’t want to be bought by Elon. Every tech board member has a price but I’d bet twtr passes on the deal.

CPI came and went and we got the green dildo we expected it just came a day late. Bad things were expected and semi bad things came. Now we know what we got and can move forward, that’s the state of Spy right now. Don’t get too one sided in a dogmatic view here, definitely don’t get bearish just because it’s fun or trendy. Today could be have a small step back but I think we are clear or atleast partly cloudy.

Remember no market tomorrow because it’s tmillys funeral or sumthin…

Ight I’ma head out