Good Morning Valhalla 4.18.22


Chinese lockdowns are getting more attention but there should be cutbacks on these lockdowns soon. Bank of America did good in it’s ER which is a good sign for the health of the financial institutions. Most of the sentiment today should be around the general direction the ERs this week take and China. Of course inflation and interest still are on everyone’s minds but no big events around that rn.

Wendy’s: Oh yeah it’s here. Wendy’s got a downgrade due to fears of rising food costs. If the rest of the food industry is doing well today then that means Wendy’s is being oversold and if it falls hard enough could be a buy opportunity.
(I just included it for meme I had nothing else to use)

Down slightly in pre probably justified for now but I think a track up intra day is likely. China fears are temporary, it’s max doom and gloom now so we’ve hit the upper boll band of panic. Got alot of support at low 436 and in 435. I think this is a time for greed.

Godspeed :pepepray: