Good Morning Valhalla 4.20.22


News: Netflix goes guh as everyone realizes the consequences of Russia being ghosted by the world. The market is up in pre besides the ER dumps we’ve seen, Netflix isn’t the s&p 500 it shouldn’t affect much alone. Lululemon reported good numbers and is on track to grow and is giving details on how it will.

Here is a good article from the man everyone loves to hate:

LULU: Lulu has had great numbers come out and little movement from it. As long as the market doesn’t guh today I think this is an easy buy here and could move hard intra day. It’s a type of play I’ve watched go well in the past and this may be a big opportunity.

SPOT: Spotify is getting attention because of it’s similarity to Netflix and the potential loss of customers from Russia. Don’t assume they are the same thing but be aware of the danger Spotify is in. The stock already has come down a little but if it really is bad it’ll come down more. Keep an eye on this.

We managed to close green yesterday as hoped but just barely. I think today should be a decent day but there’s a little more fear in the water because of Netflix dying but don’t panic. Remember the greed and fear thingy.