Good Morning Valhalla 4.22.22


Things took a fall yesterday as much of tech went guh especially meta which has dumped the last few days due to everyone realizing they remodeled their company into a Segway level idea. JPow talked about more rate hikes which scared everyone and ERs this week just haven’t had good enough reception and now we are seeing the breaking down from a optimism crash.

VZ: Verizon had earnings today and reported some rough numbers but not as bad as was expected. If by chance they are down bad maybe it can track up later in the day.

Down in pre, down yesterday, down before that. The gays are running the show right now and there’s too much concern about inflation to get things running again. These are confusing times, wait for JPow to make an official announcement on rate hikes till being overly bullish for now.



bout time :heart: